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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants perform an essential function in today’s society. Wastewater, or sewage, must be treated before it is discharged in surface water or reused in any fashion. Modern treatment methods provided by Global Treat speed up the natural biological, chemical and physical water purification processes.

Wastewater is treated according to its origin and destination or reuse purpose. Discharged treated water, or effluent, is most often sent to surface bodies of water such as creeks, rivers and oceans. Advances in water treatment technology has allowed communities to use water for irrigation, industrial activities and drinking water. Reclaimed water promotes sustainability and water conservation by using water once more before entering back into the natural water cycle.

Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Systems

Global Treat provides sewage treatment systems and industrial wastewater treatment plants to purify wastewater produced by sources such as neighborhoods, schools, petrochemical and power generation plants. Reclaimed or recycled water require more stringent treatment methods that Global Treat is able to accommodate through tertiary treatment.

Wastewater Plants

Global Treat, Inc. provides both field erected and modular sludge-activated treatment plants. These systems are designed to consistently meet effluent concentrations and loading requirements for municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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