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Wall Panel Automatic Valve

Series OV-110, Series OV-1000, & Series CV-230 Automatic Feed Rate Valves have the ability to be mounted on a high quality PVC Panel.

Benefits of Wall Mounting:

  • Simplifies installation process
  • Conserves space
  • Provides easy access to equipment for operation and maintenance
  • Minimizes equipment footprint
  • Eliminates the need for cabinets

- Panels are constructed from “High density polyethylene” plastic and schedule 80 PVC piping.

- Custom panels available with 316 SS stands and/or canopies for UV protection.

Series WPOV-1000 Package with 4-20mA Output Remote Meter Panel

Combines gas flow measurement and automatic flow control.
Available Capacities (PPD): 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000 (10,000 PPD coming soon)

  • Remote Meter Panel with 4/20mA Output: Visually indicates gas feed rate as well as outputs a 4020mA signal proportional to gas flow from zero to full scale
  • Omni Valve Series 1000 Automatic Control Valve: Provides automatic feed control when paired with the specially designed remote meter. Compares the valve position to the actual gas flow rate of the remote meter. The resulting information is then used to trigger alarms if the requested gas flow does not match the actual gas flow.
  • Differential Pressure Regulator (Optional): Maintains a constant pressure differential across a variable or fixed orifice providing a steady flow rate.
  • Vacuum Monitor (Optional): Indicates vacuum level with independently adjustable high and low level alarms (in inches of Mercury units)
  • Bypass Piping (Optional): Bypass piping allows components to be removed without interrupting chemicals.

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