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Respiratory & Safety

Global Treat, Inc. supplies a variety of SCBA safety equipment. We offer the 30 minute self-contained breathing apparatus as well as a variety of cases and cabinets used to store safety equipment. In addition, we offer two different types of emergency kits that include all of the necessary devices and tools to contain leaks.

30 Minute SCBA

The 30 minute self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is intended for use in an atmosphere that may be immediately dangerous to life or health.

* 30 Minute spare cylinder is also available.

SCBA Cases & Cabinets

Global Treat, Inc. provides a variety of cases for storing SCBA equipment:

  • Carry Case for 30 minute SCBA
  • Standard wall case
  • Dual wall case
  • Lockable cabinet

Chlorine Emergency Kits

Chlorine Ton and Cylinder Emergency kits consist of the devices and tools necessary to contain leaks. Global Treat, Inc. offers kits for both 150 lb cylinders (Emergency Kit A) and ton containers (Emergency Kit B).

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