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Remote Meter Panels with 4-20mA Output

Chemical Flow Control and Gas Measurement to tie into SCADA or PLC

Hydro Instruments' Remote Meter Panel with 4-20mA Output accurately measures and monitors the actual gas flow through a vacuum feed system, and provides a visual indication, as well as outputs a 4-20mA signal (proportional from zero to full scale).

Can be used as a stand-alone component or incorporated into a wall panel.

Available Capacities: 500 PPD, 1000 PPD, 2000 PPD, 8000 PPD

*All Tubes have 5% of full scale accuracy


  • 4-20mA output for remote feed rate monitoring
  • Stand-alone component or can be incorporated into wall panel.
  • Solid machined parts and rugged design ensures durability and long life
  • Available for Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide
  • No need for calibration
  • Chemicals have no contact with electronic components
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Includes feed rate valve for manual adjustment of gas feed

How it works:

As gas flow changes, the float inside the meter tube will go up or down based on the amount of force applied. The flow rate can then be determined based on calibrated markings on the glass meter tube. Hydro Instruments has taken this concept and incorporated magnetic fields. A magnet of appropriate size and weight is situated inside the meter tube float, and behind the meter tube itself are sensors able to detect the magnetic field. As the magnet passes these sensors, the floats physical location in the meter tube can be determined by a mA current, generated based on its position.

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