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Showcased here are a few Chemical Feed, Filtration and Process Treatment Projects that Global Treat, Inc. has provided in the past for Water and Wastewater applications around the globe. We look forward to having the opportunity to showcase your Municipal, Commercial and/or Industrial project in the future.

URS Group, Inc. - Iraq

AL Asad & COB Speicher Tikrit US. Air Force Bases, Iraq

Chemical Induction Pumps for disposal of hazardous waste in Iraq.

Inteplast - Lolita, Texas

80,000 gpd WWTP for Chemical Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant consisting of the WWTP Plant, Tertiary Filtration, & Automatic Sampler.

Erbil Water Department - North Iraq

170 Gravity Tablet Feeders for Drinking Water

The Erbil Water Department needed several simple water disinfection systems that were cost effective and simple to operate and maintain. Global Treat, Inc. provided 170 Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders.

Formosa Plastics - Point Comfort, Texas

CFB Power Plant Cooling Tower 500ppd Chlorine Disinfection Dosing System

Special Custom Chlorine Feed Panel & Manifold complete with Emergency Shut Off Valves.

Tri-Plex Pump Skid, 98% Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid Chemical Injection Skid provided with alloy 20 piping for Cooling Tower.

Proplant Project - Fertilizer Chemical Plant - Nigeria

4000 ppd Gas Chlorinator System

A fertilizer plant in Nigeria was being revitalized and the customer needed to replace the cooling tower disinfections. Systems included: Gas Chlorinators, Automatic Valves, Chlorine Analyzer, and Scales for the Ammonia and Urea Plants.

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility - Anchorage, AK

Over Twelve (12) Vacuum Liquid Feed Systems for Drinking Well Sites and one(1) for the WWTP

Hydro Instruments LF Series 28 gph, Vacuum Liquid Feed Disinfection System.

Roaring Springs Project - Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Automation of a chlorine manual feed system to an automated feed system with remote monitoring. This allowed the number of helicopter trips to the water plant down in the basin to be substantially reduced.

Gulf Crossing Pipeline Co. LLC /Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP. Project

Oil Sump Package for Castor Compressor Station, Fayetteville Shale Play

Provided 50 Gallon Explosion-proof Sump Oil system for collection and transfer of oil leaks and wash downs.

MODEC FPSO Project, Petrobras

FPSO Fuel Oil and Lube Oil Purifiers (Centrifuges)

The new FPSO for Petrobras needed fuel and lube oil purifiers for removal of water and particulates. Global Treat, Inc. provided Delaval Centrifuges.