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Gas Chlorination Equipment & Products

The disinfection of wastewater is necessary for water to be safely discharged or reused in the environment. Natural decomposition processes would normally reduce the number of pathogens through decay, but growing human populations exceed the limits of the natural decomposition cycle.

Chlorination is one of the most well researched and widely used disinfection solutions worldwide. Chlorine is known for its effectiveness at eliminating harmful pathogens. Chlorine successfully destroys many viruses and bacteria, eliminates odors, and aids in stabilizing processes throughout wastewater disinfection systems. Chlorine is also considered the most cost effective solution in the industry.

Chemical Water Treatment

Global Treat supplies chlorine and the equipment used to administer it. Chlorine can be introduced to water as a gas, liquid or solid. Global Treat can supply your entire chlorine disinfection system, including operational accessories such as scales, emergency systems, chemical induction pumps, shelters and dechlorination methods.

Below view our chlorination products and delivery equipment along with our Chlorine Dioxide Generators for water treatment in Oil & Gas and our Acid Dilution Troughs for acid dilution in cooling tower water basins.

Gas Feeders

Chlorine gas is still the most common and cost effective disinfection technology for water and wastewater treatment. Manual and automatic control gas feed systems are available for feeding chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and carbon dioxide gaseous solutions.

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Chlorine Tablet & Feeders

The water and wastewater plants have a variety of tablet feeder applications in their industry. Global Treat, Inc. provides the solution with Gravity Flow thru Tablet Feeders, Kits, and Tablet Feed Systems capable of delivering a pressurized chlorine solution to the injection points.

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Chemical Liquid Feeders

Global Treat, Inc. offers two methods of delivering your chemical for disinfection. Vacuum feed and pressure feed systems provide the right options for your disinfection needs. These chemical feed systems are available in manual and automatic control configurations.

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Chemical Induction Pump

The chemical induction pump system, "The MEGA-SWEET" by Global Treat, Inc. eliminates the need for using potable water to create the vacuum required to inject disinfection chemicals.

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine Dioxide generators provide an alternative method of disinfection to storage of bulk chlorine or pressurized chlorine gas.

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On-site Chlorine Generator

To contain and inhibit bio-marine fouling in Firewater Pump Cassions, shock dosing is recommended. For seawater lift pumps and jockey pumps, a continuous chlorine dosing of hypochlorite solution is best.

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Emergency Shut-off Valve(s)

Safety incorporated into your gas feed system design is paramount. That is why in addition to gas feeders and gas monitors, Global Treat, Inc. also provides an emergency shut-off valve(s) system that will close the gas cylinder valve(s) in the event of a leak.

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Acid Dilution System

Global Treat, Inc. provides water treatment equipment for diluting acids used in cooling towers!

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Chemical Scales

Scales are necessary for monitoring and inventory management control of chemicals used in water treatment and industrial processes. We offer mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic scales to meet your needs.

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Fiberglass Shelters

Fiberglass shelters are the best choice for storing corrosive chemicals. They also protect chlorination and dechlorination equipment and controls from the elements. Our shelters are available fully equipped, or as an empty, stand-alone structure.

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Vaporizers are used when direct gas withdrawal systems are not an option in high capacity chemical feed applications. Global Treat, Inc. offers the highest quality, most advanced and efficient vaporizer on the market.

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Water Line Disinfection

The Chlori-Flush system is used to disinfect newly constructed water systems, as well as existing potable water mains that have been drained for inspection or repairs.

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