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On-site Chlorine Generator

Sodium Hypochlorite Generation for Bio-Fouling

The Seawater Electrochlorine Generator disinfection system generates sodium hypochlorite. The purpose of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine equivalent) is to efficiently and effectively protect firewater, jockey, and seawater lift systems from bio-fouling. If bio-fouling control is not maintained, mussels and algae can cause restrictions in intakes, thereby compromising the functionality and performance of offshore seawater process systems. This powerful biocide and disinfecting agent can be economically and safely produced with the use of On-site Hypochlorite Generators (OSHG). This antifouling chlorine based technology provides thousands of users worldwide from the cost and danger of purchasing and conveying chemicals associated with other types of technologies.

Seawater Onsite Hypochlorite Generator Flow Schematic Options (click to download)

These automatic electro-chlorinator skid mounted systems are manufactured here in the Gulf Coast by a well diversified, multi-product company, with undisputed leadership positions in the field of top side water equipment design, fabrication, erection/commissioning, and services. In addition they hold an unrivaled position in the field of potable water makers all over the world.

The state-of-the-art Electro-chlorination skid mounted system utilizes concentric tubular hypochlorite generation cell assemblies for seawater-based processes that require lower to medium capacity hypochlorite demands. The system comprises monopolar - "Electrochlor PC" - or bipolar concentric tubular - "Electrochlor TC" - electrolysers, utilizing the sodium chloride present in seawater. The seawater passes between anodes and cathodes energized by a direct current, resulting in the generation of sodium hypochlorite through electrolysis.

The concentric tube design used in the on-site hypochlorite generator incorporates free removal of hydrogen, and also prevents scaling due to an ingenious design that incorporates higher velocity flows. This self cleaning design ensures a nearly maintenance-free operation that provides a consistent performance over the years.

Electrochlorinator Parts Replacement

In addition to new skid mounted on-site saltwater chlorine generators, Global Treat, Inc. also provides direct replacement electrodes and cell components for Chloropac® Sodium Hypochlorite Generating Systems. The Series II cells are compatible with all existing Chloropac MKII installations and can be directly substituted when spare parts are needed.

The materials, configuration, and certification of the OEM would be the same. The only difference would be the coating, which is proprietary to each manufacturer. Our manufacturer partners with research engineers with over 50 years experience in the mixed metal oxide (MMO) coating industry. These same coatings are being used on the original tubular cells in over 20,000 sq ft of offshore electro chlorinator installations throughout the world.

All anode surfaces are coated with a proprietary WS15 chlorine evolving coating used in the production of chlorine. WS15 coatings are available for a wide variety of seawater conditions, including salinity and temperature.


Highly trained technical service engineers and research staff are available to offer technical advice and solutions for these chlorine based water treatment systems.

Rated Capacity

The Series II cells are guaranteed to meet the needed lbs per day capacity when operated according to the established operating guidelines.

Pro Rata Warranty

The quality of the cells produced allows a five year pro rata warranty, which meets or exceeds the current warranty offered by other producers of tubular sodium hypochlorite cells.

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Onsite Chlorine Generator
Onsite Chlorine Generator
Onsite Chlorine Generator
Onsite Chlorine Generator
Onsite Chlorine Generator

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