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Links to Water Treatment Companies : Products & Other Services

Below is a list of companies, manufacturers, distributors and information sources you may find helpful associated with water treatment, disinfection ...plus other service-oriented industries.

Industrial & Commercial Water Treatment

Hydro Instruments
Manufactures high quality gas and liquid chemical feed systems and supplies.

Water Purification Systems and Products
Osmosis Drinking Water System helps reduce the harmful contaminants found in tap water.

Water and Wastewater Equipment
A complete web site for the water treatment professional.

Canadian Clear Waters designs economical and efficient sea water desalination plants.

Lake and Pond Management Products
Clean-Flo International are experts in lake, pond, river, reservoir & wastewater restoration, improving water quality for drinking, swimming, fishing and boating.

Industrial Water Treatment
A high technology company focusing on biological wastewater treatment.

Information & Research

The World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Health Organization is responsible for establishing the WHO Biological Reference Materials necessary to standardize biological materials as well as developing WHO guidelines and recommendations on the production and control of biological products and technologies.

The PanAmerican Health Organization (PAHO)
The PanAmerican Health Organization is an international public health agency with almost 110 years of experience in working to improve health and livingstandards of the countries of the Americas.

Chlorine Chemistry Council
Comprehensive scientific analyses and news covering everything that has to do with chlorine.

IDS Water: Information for the Water Industry
IDS Water is a premier water industry resource and online exhibition that offers resources on water management issues.

Budget Water Treatment Information
Site provides valuable information and facts about water and how to treat it.

Water Treatment E-Books
Offers e-books on boiler, cooling, waste and drinking water treatment.

Chlorination, Clean Water & Public Health
Article traces the origins of clean water and how public health concerns adopted the use of chlorine to combat disease.

Environment Friendly

Reverse Osmosis Systems & Water Fitlers
Sells a full line-up of water treatment products with water filters and reverse osmosis systems.

Ozone Generator
Visit Spartan Environmental Technologies for industrial & commercial ozone generators for water treatment and wastewater purification.

Related Industrial Manufacturers / Suppliers

Calibration Services
INSCO provides calibration & certification services along with the assurance of high standards in measurement quality.

Miscellaneous Affiliates

Frameless Shower Doors - Houston, TX
deSola Glass provides Houston, TX with full-service sales and installation of glass shower enclosures and doors in a variety of styles and options.

Environmental Health & Safety Consulting
Offers environmental health and safety consulting services, as well as hazardous materials management for contaminates such as lead and asbestos.

Pressure Washer
Offers electric pressure washers, HONDA power washers, trailer power washer models and gutter cleaning tools.

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