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Water Analysis Instrumentation

Drinking water and wastewater treatment systems have many moving parts. It is essential for operators to have real time access to various chemical levels, instrumentation activity and leak detection systems. Advances in water treatment technology allow Global Treat to provide state-of-the-art water analysis instrumentation and safety related systems.

Our leading technology automates vacuum chemical injection adjustments based on flow rate, chlorine residual or both flow rate and chlorine residual.

Wastewater chlorine levels are often consistently monitored throughout the treatment process. Maintaining proper chlorine levels ensure adequate disinfection and prevent excessive chlorine levels. Safety should always be top of mind when handling and storing chemicals like chlorine. Gas leak detection systems and vacuum monitors have been designed to provide onsite safety and monitoring.

Chlorine Analyzers

Global Treat, Inc. continually strives to supply the most up to date water and wastewater treatment instrumentation with the most user friendly interface. We offer two different types of analyzers. Both use the Amperometric method to determine residual levels in the sample water in various process water applications including wastewater and potable (drinking) water.

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Automatic Valves

Our automatic control valves are designed to continuously and automatically control your vacuum chemical feed based off of a 4-20mA input. This input source can be from a flow meter, analyzer or a combination of the two and/or the PLC. The elimination of gears and the extension of the valve stem length have made Hydro Instruments auto valves one of the most accurate and dependable products on the market.

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Wall Panel Automatic Valves

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Remote Meter Panels with 4-20mA Output

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Gas Detectors

Enhance your safety with one of our gas detectors! Our gas alarm system provides a cost-effective, reliable, and simple solution for gas detection applications. The modular design can integrate with a variety of gas sensors (up to 4). Our alarms provide continuous detection for your safety. Battery back-up is available on some of the models.

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Vacuum Monitors

Our Vacuum Monitor, the Series VM-150 is a full featured vacuum monitoring system. Not only does it have a three digit LED status display (of vacuum in inches of Hg), it also has high and low alarm levels which are adjustable with variable delay times. This monitor is a great indicator of chlorine loss in water and wastewater treatment applications.

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