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Fiberglass Storage Buildings

Fiberglass shelters are used to protect chlorination and de-chlorination equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Additionally, fiberglass enclosures can be used in many other applications for year round protection of your equipment, instruments and chemicals. Fiberglass enclosures are corrosion resistant, weather proof, low maintenance, and affordable. Each shelter is available either fully equipped, or as an empty, stand-alone structure.

Our prefabricated buildings are made of fiberglass reinforced skins with one inch of isocyanurate foam insulating core and a white UV protective gel coat both inside and out. The buildings are pre-wired using 12 gauge wiring and have two duplex 115 volt outlets. There is a standard corrosion resistant fan and aluminum ventilation louver. There will be an awning over the doorway and a spring cushioned crash door stop on the door. While all of the above features are standard, there are many more options that are available such as windows in the door, panic hardware, partitions, and double doors. Standard building sizes range from 2' x 4' to 12' x 12'. Custom dimensions and door sizes are also available.

Keep your chemicals and chemical feed equipment not only safe from the elements, but secure from vandalism as well, with our key-locked Fiberglass Enclosures.

Model # Length Width Height Door Size Weight Downloads
GTI-SH-2854 2 ft, 4 in 4 ft, 6 in 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 400 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-4848 4 ft 4 ft 7 ft 36 in x 80 in 475 lbs Drawing / Specs


GTI-SH-5472 4 ft, 6 in 6 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 625 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-7272 6 ft 6 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 700 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-9672 8 ft 6 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 815 lbs Drawing / Specs


GTI-SH-7296 6 ft 8 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 850 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-9696 8 ft 8 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 985 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-12096 10 ft 8 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 1125 lbs Drawing / Specs


GTI-SH-72120 6 ft 10 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 1110 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-96120 8 ft 10 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 1125 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-120120 10 ft 10 ft 7 ft 40 in x 80 in 1490 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-96144 8 ft 12 ft 8 ft 40 in x 80 in 1525 lbs Drawing / Specs
GTI-SH-144144 12 ft 12 ft 8 ft 40 in x 80 in 1700 lbs Drawing / Specs

Fiberglass Buildings for Chlorine System Equipment

Chlorination Shelter Housing Equipment Diagram

Click to download a PDF version of the Chlorine Shelter Diagram or view full screen.

Prefabricated Fiberglass Shelter Standard Features:

  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester skins with one inch isocyanurate foam insulating core
  • White UV protective polyester gel coat inside and out
  • 125amp, main lug, 8 branch circu it panel in a NEMA 3R plastic enclosure
  • Pre-wired using 12ga. wiring in U.L. listed non-metallic flexible conduit
  • Two Duplex outlets (115v)
  • Interior vapor-resistant incandescent lamp
  • Corrosion ressitant fan (intake or exhaust) with screened fiberglass hood
  • Fixed Aluminum ventilation louver
  • External weatherproof switch for fan and light
  • Stainless steel locket, stainless steel piano hinge, door gasket
  • Cadmium plated lifting eye(s)
  • Spring cushioned crash stop on door
  • Fiberglass awning above doorway
  • Equipment mounting board laminated to interior wall

Fiberglass Shelter Waranty

Global Treat, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year and will repair or replace at our discretion any product that proves to be other than warranted.Liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement and does not include any indirect or consequential damages of any nature.

NOT COVERED by this warranty are damages caused in shipping or during installation, accidental damages, damages due to misuse or abuse, the cost of labor for removal or installation nor freight charges. The foregoing constitutes the entire obligation of Global Treat, Inc. and there are no other warranties expressed or implied. - Global Treat, Inc.

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FRP Building Applications

  • Oil & Gas Analyzer Buildings
  • Chlorination & de-chlorination structures
  • Chemical material storage
  • Cooling tower pump buildings
  • Sampling equipment storage
  • Wastewater pumping station shelters
  • Polymer feed buildings
  • Salt storage sheds
  • Communication shelters
  • Firefighting equipment storage
  • Telecommunication equipment buildings
  • Instrument/Equipment houses
  • Airport navigation equipment storage
  • Electronics building
  • Hazmat/toxic chemical containment houses
  • Pollution monitoring equipment shelters
  • Corrosive chemical storage
  • Safety shower buildings