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Fiberglass Building Applications

Global Treat supplies pre-fabricated fiberglass shelters that are used fpr year round protection of your equipment from environmental elements, therefore enhancing the life of the equipment. Each shelter is available either fully equipped, or as an empty, stand-alone structure. Global Treat provides fiberglass shelters to a wide range of industries including Oil & Natural Gas, Water & Wastewater, and Utilities.

Benefits of Fiberglass Shelters

  • Low maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Insulated & weather proof
  • Affordable alternative
  • Code compliant
  • Energy Efficient

Oil & Natural Gas

Analyzer Shelters for Oil & Gas

  • Global Treat’s high-quality fiberglass shelters protect sensitive electronic analyzers from harsh environmental elements

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Water & Wastewater

Wastewater pumping station shelters

  • Our shelters feature a lightweight design that reduces costly freight and crane expenses.

Pollution monitoring equipment shelters

  • Equipment is sometimes located in remote, difficult-to-access areas. Transporting and placing a heavy concrete or metal shelter may be challenging. A fiberglass shelter is a dependable alternative to a heavier structure.

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Chemical Equipment

Chlorination & de-chlorination structures

  • Global Treat’s shelters are corrosion resistant and insulated, making them the perfect choice for housing all types of chlorination and de-chlorination equipment.

Chemical material storage

  • Fiberglass Shelters are lockable, making them an excellent option for storing hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and Sulphur dioxide.

Polymer feed buildings

  • Fiberglass shelters are easy to install and are insulated to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Hazmat/toxic chemical containment houses

  • Fiberglass shelters can aide in the protection of expensive capital equipment.

Corrosive chemical storage

  • Fiberglass shelters are corrosion resistant, therefore they will not deteriorate, rust, or decay.

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Utilities & Equipment

Cooling tower pump buildings

  • The walls and roof of shelters consist of 1/8th inch thick fiberglass skins and one inch thick rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core.

Instrument/Equipment houses

  • Fiberglass shelters protect sensitive and expensive equipment in many industries, environments, and in military settings.

Airport navigation equipment storage

  • Fiberglass shelters are delivered pre-assembled so they work well in areas where space is limited. Repurposing and portability are two significant benefits to choosing a fiberglass shelter over a more permanent concrete shelter.

Sampling equipment storage

  • In addition to protecting equipment from environmental elements, a fiberglass shelter can increase security and minimize the possibility of vandalism as well as provide a terrorist deterrent.

Salt storage sheds

  • Non-corrosive Fiberglass buildings have become a more popular option for salt store sheds. One of the greatest benefits is that they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, whether it be hot or cold.

Firefighting equipment storage

  • Fiberglass shelters are lightweight and easy to relocate and repurpose, as needed.

Safety shower buildings

  • Fiberglass shelter are available in many customizable sizes and design.

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Communication shelters

  • Communication shelters are used to safeguard sensitive telecommunication equipment from the environment. Shelters are made to withstand the environment and are available with options such as heating and air conditioning to ensure a more stable temperature.

Telecommunication and EMI equipment buildings

  • Fiberglass shelters are virtually maintenance-free, therefore, they have proven to be a sound investment when used to house telecommunication equipment.

Electronics Building

  • Electronic equipment is expensive, so it’s recommended that you protect your investment by housing your equipment in a fiberglass building.

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Fiberglass Shelter Waranty

Global Treat, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year and will repair or replace at our discretion any product that proves to be other than warranted.Liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement and does not include any indirect or consequential damages of any nature.

NOT COVERED by this warranty are damages caused in shipping or during installation, accidental damages, damages due to misuse or abuse, the cost of labor for removal or installation nor freight charges. The foregoing constitutes the entire obligation of Global Treat, Inc. and there are no other warranties expressed or implied. - Global Treat, Inc.

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