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Chlorine Test Kits

Accurately measuring chlorine levels is vital for safety as well as for economic reasons. Global Treat, Inc. offers three types of grab sample chlorine test kits available to measure free and total chlorine. These consist of Chlorine Test Strips, Color-wheel Test Kits, and Digital Colorimeters. All three rely on a color change to reflect the value of chlorine levels, and a measurement of the intensity of that color in order to determine how much chlorine is present.

Total Chlorine or Free Chlorine

Chlorine Test Strips

Test Strips are the convenient and economical way to perform quick and easy spot chlorine tests. With the ease of our high quality test strips, technicians in the field can take many samples in a short time and make immediate adjustments as needed. Not only are no reagents or field kits required but there is no measuring, set up, or clean-up involved. Our test strips are available for either free or total chlorine.

Chlorine Color Wheel Test Kits

Economical color wheels are available for a low cost and provide an accurate visual test method. The color wheels achieve fast results and are available in an easy-to-carry kit. Each kit contains 100 tests.

Chlorine Digital Colorimeters

Our hand-held Digital reading Colorimeters are portable and ensure reliability and improve accuracy. The use of our digital colorimeters will simplify the calibration process. The large 3 digit display is easy to read and there is no need to select a low or high range, the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4ppm is covered, with a 0.05 sensitivity. The digital colorimeter is available to measure both free and total chlorine.

Chlorine Terminology FAQ's

Chlorine Demand is when chlorine is added to water and some of it reacts first with the organic materials and metals.

Total Chlorine is the remaining chlorine concentration after the chlorine demand is met. Total Chlorine breaks down farther into combined chlorine and free chlorine:

  • Combined Chlorine is the amount of chlorine that has reacted with nitrates and is unavailable for disinfection.
  • Free Chlorine is the chlorine available to inactivate disease–causing organisms, and thus a measure to determine the potability of water.

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