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Chlorine Dioxide Generators

  • Chlorine Dioxide - Is an EPA recognized primary disinfectant and part of a multi barrier treatment to ensure inactivation of microbial pathogens.
  • CT disinfection credit
  • Minimizes disinfection by-products (DBP’s) like trihalomethanes (THM's), haloacetic acids (HAA’s) chlorite ion and bromate.
  • A preoxident to control odor and improve taste.
  • Used in oxidation of inorganic compounds such as manganese and iron.
  • Maintains residual protection, because it will not react with many impurities that normally consume chlorine.

Panel Mounted Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

Panel Mounted Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

DioxiGen Systems design originated like many other products - Customer Demand!

Customers desired a top quality, safe chlorine dioxide generator system that was highly efficient and easy to operate (in manual or automatic modes) with no mandatory contracts for equipment and/or chemicals.

This is our core product and the business model for which drives DioxiGen Systems design for the Municipal and Industrial market place. DioxiGen Systems and Global Treat, Inc. personnel have years of experience in Water Treatment, Control Systems, Design and Implementation. Flexibility in the selection of major control systems hardware, software and communications are available at customer request, providing another advantage over competitors systems.

The DioxiGen Series Generators are available in Automatic control with variable water flows, step feed and manual control configurations. All the generators utilize a vacuum based design for safety to control reactions and concentrations. The chemical precursors are in concentrated form (Chlorine Gas and 25% Aqueous Sodium Chlorite) to maximize efficiency and yield.

The Generators controllers utilize the latest Intelligent Monitoring & Control Platforms.

The standard controller is state of the art PLC based and provides operators the functionality to maximize system operation and efficiency.

Communication options include, Ethernet TCP/IP, Webserver access, RS232 and RS485 wired or wireless.

The standard Operator Interface is a 6 inch color touch screen with Windows CE operating system. Touch screens are available in 6 to 15 inch models.

Features include Monitoring, Control, Alarm and Historical screens.

Whether you need a Basic Stand Alone or Fully Automated SCADA Integrated operation, Global Treat, Inc. will tailor a system to meet your needs.

Flow Schematic

Chlorine Dioxide Generation Process

Operational control is achieved by the DioxiGen Systems Chlorine Dioxide Generator control panel and automatic chemical feed valves. Precise metering of the precursor chemicals is proportionate to flow signal from a flowmeter (4-20 mA signal input) or plant interface.

The operator enters the desired dose concentration, from the local display panel or remote plant interface and activates the system. The motive water solenoid valve opens to establish flow and vacuum. After a preset time delay (operator adjustable) the sodium chlorite and chlorine gas solenoid valves open and are drawn by vacuum to the eductor reactor. The motive water and precursor solenoid valves can be manually controlled through the touch screen for testing and troubleshooting. A calibration cylinder is conveniently mounted on the system for calibration of the sodium chlorite electronic automatic valve. The sodium chlorite flow is indicated and totalized by the mag meter for inventory control. Loss of flow activates an alarm.

When the chlorine gas and sodium chlorite solution are combined in the eductor reactor column, the resulting chemical reaction creates chlorine dioxide gas within milliseconds. The diluted solution subsequently flows through a static mixer to ensure complete blending.

A sight glass is provided for chlorine dioxide visual indication and a sample port for solution analysis. When the system is de-activated the precursor chemical valves close while the motive water performs a flushing action for a pre-determined interval which is operator adjustable.

A vacuum transmitter installed at the eductor / reactor provides for continuous displayed value on the Operator Interface Touch screen display, in addition to alarms for: Low / High vacuum. The vacuum alarms provide valuable trouble indications such as vacuum leak, regulator malfunction, electronic auto valve malfunction and manual valve miss-positioning. All alarms can be configured to shut down the system or bypassed in event of a component failure (vacuum and flow transmitters).

The resulting solution is then injected into the raw water pipeline or other plug flow reactor upstream of the treatment plant.

Control Modes Available

  • Fixed Flow Manual Feed (FFM)
  • Fixed Flow Automatic (FFA)
  • Variable Flow Automatic (VFA)
  • Step Speed Automatic (SFA)

Key Features

  • Non Corrosive Panel Mounted
  • Nema 4x Controls
  • Power: 120 Volt, 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Chlorine Dioxide Produced on Demand
  • Not pH Dependent
  • Safe Vacuum Reaction
  • No Reaction Tanks
  • No Chlorine Dioxide Storage Tanks
  • 95% + Conversion Efficiency
  • Sate of the Art Automatic Control Valves
  • Manual Bypass Mode for Servicing
  • Completely Adjustable Chemical Precursor Ratio
  • Start/Stop Controls, Local or Remote Operation
  • Control Panel with SCADA Interface and Local Touch screen
  • Continuous Monitoring of Vacuum
  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution Sample Tap
  • Diaphragm Protected Pressure Gauges
  • All Components US Manufactured or readily available in USA


  • OxyChem MSDS Ref: EPA
  • Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants
  • Guidance Manual EPA
  • 815-R-99-014 April 1999 (available upon request)

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Chlorine Dioxide Generators Application
Chlorine Dioxide Generators Application
Chlorine Dioxide Generators Application

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