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Chlorine Dioxide Generator Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire so that we may better understand your requirements and specifications. (*) Indicates required fields.

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Zip Code:


Project Location:

Specify Application:
Potable Water    Cooling Tower    Industrial Process    Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing    Wastewater Deodorization    Zebra Mussel Control

What is the volume or flow rate to be treated?
What is your typical volume of water flow?

What are characteristics of water? (ie canal water)

What is your dosage of Chlorine Dioxide? mg/l (ppm)

Type of water influent?
Closed System    Pipeline    Plug Flow    Open

Is your chemical feed motive water flow at least 20 GPM @ 50 to 70 PSI?
Yes    No

What is your back pressure at point of injection? (psi)

What is your minimum supply pressure? (psi)

What is your distance to the injection point? (Ft)

What is the electrical power available?

What is the electrical area classification?

Are you replacing an existing Chlorine Dioxide generator?
Yes    No

If so, which brand?

If not, are operators familiar with operating a Chlorine Dioxide System?
Yes    No

What type? (Please specify)
Two Precursor (Chlorine, Sodium Chlorite
Three Precursor (Sodium Chlorite, Sodium Hypo, Acid)
Other (Please Specify)

Do you currently use Chlorine gas?
Yes    No

If answer is no, is the Chlorine Gas acceptable for Chlorine Dioxide generation?
Yes    No

Does your plant have a SCADA system?
Yes    No

Do you want the Dioxide generation system monitored by SCADA or stand alone with touch screen?

What brand MMI software is installed on the operator station computer?

What type of network does your in plant SCADA system use?

What Brand and Model of PLC's are utilized in your control system?
Or please provide a contact we can speak with on your control system.

Bulk tank location (Ft):
Bulk tank capacity (Gallons):
Day tank location (Ft):
Day tank capacity (Gallons):

How can GTI assist you in your efforts to bring this project to fruition?