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Chlorine Analyzer Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire so that we may better understand your requirements and specifications. (*) Indicates required fields.

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Project Location:

What is the application?
Drinking Water    Wastewater    Process Water    Other

Are you measuring for Free or Total Chlorine?
Free Chlorine    Total Chlorine

What is the chlorine range you are measuring for? (ppm)

What is your pH range?

Is your pH fairly consistent?
Yes    No

What is your electrical?
120 Volt 60 Hz    120 Volt 50 Hz    240 VAC 60 Hz    240 VAC 50 Hz

Do you have a consistent sample water flow?
Yes    No

What is your sample water pressure? (psi)

Is your sample water filtered to 10 micron?
Yes    No

What style of Chlorine Analyzer are you looking for?
Open Flow Cell    Probe Style    Other

Control Scheme:
Manual    Remote    Flow Pacing (Proportional)    Residual   
ORP    Compound Loop (PID)    Step Feed    Dual Input Feed

Number of Analyzers required:

Additional Comments: