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Chlorine & Chemical Inventory Scales

Scales are necessary to monitor and manage inventory of chemicals at water treatment plants and in industrial processes. Chemical usage, level, and feed rates are measured with the use of weight-based and ultrasonic systems. Global Treat, Inc. provides an assortment of mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, and ultrasonic scales to meet all of your chlorine and chemical weighing needs. Scales are available for both cylinder and ton containers and can be used to monitor an assortment of chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia.

Many Government Regulators, Industry Standards Groups and Trade Associations affiliated with the water and wastewater industry recommend or require using weighing scales to document chemical usage and inventory. Call Global Treat, Inc. for your chemical inventory management control.

Available Chemical Scales:


Hydraulic/Electronic scale for 150 lb (70kg) chlorine, sulfur dioxide, & ammonia cylinders.

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A mechanical dual 150 lb cylinder scale used for weighing chlorine and other liquefied gases.

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Weighs 30 to 55 gallon drums of Chlorine, fluoride, polymer, hypochlorite, phosphate, etc.

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Hydraulic/Electronic ton scale used for weighing ton drums of chlorine & sulfur dioxide.

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Ultrasonic Echo-Scale

Economical solution for day & bulk storage tanks. Often used with hypochlorite, fluoride and caustic.

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Accommodates 5 to 55 gallon drums of fluoride, polymer, hypochlorite, phosphate, etc.

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IBC Tote Bin Scale

Accommodates up to 1000 gallons of polymer, hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide & hydrofluosilic acid in portable/stackable totes & bulk containers.

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Weighs chemical day tanks & IBC totes up to 1000 gallons of hypochlorite, caustic, alum , fluoride, etc.

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Chemical Scales

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