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Chemical Injection Quills

Non-retractable Main Connects or Chemical Injection Quills will improve the injection and diffusion of corrosive chemicals into a pipeline. In addition, they will accomplish this without damaging the pipe or threaded port at the point of injection and will prevent channeling of the chemical down the pipe wall.

By injecting the chemical solution into the center flow of the pipe, the more turbulent, higher pipe velocity improves chemical dispersion and results in a more homogenous mix in the pipeline.

Injection Diffusers

Main Connects can be used for gas or liquid injection and are a perfect choice for small diameter applications where a shutdown is possible. There are two male pipe threads for installation, the lower male pipe thread is the main connection, while the upper male thread connects to the pump discharge line. Main connects are offered in the sizes listed below and are available in either PVC, CPVC, or PVDF (Kynar).

Injection Quill Lengths Insertion Lengths
½" 2 ½" and 6"
¾" 3" and 9"
1" 4"


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Main Connections and Injection Quills

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