Why waste water at a Wastewater Plant?

You may not have known that you can use your process water to create a vacuum to draw chemicals into your contact chamber.

Chemical Induction Pumps:

The SWEET Package induction pump recirculates process water from the contact chamber through the induction pump, ejector, and diffuser to create a vacuum for drawing in disinfection chemicals.


  • Submersed Dispersion Through Diffuser Reduces Off Gassing
  • Broad Range of vacuum chemical injections: Gas & Liquid including chlorine, sulfur Dioxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Sodium Sulfate
  • Eliminates Potable Water use for Vacuum Creation
  • Safe Operation-Vacuum Feed
  • Less Maintenance
  • Lower Operation and Capital Cost
  • Reduced Chemical Consumption
  • Easy To Retrofit

MEGA-SWEET 3/4 and 1 hp

MEGA Sweet

650 ppd or less capacity


MEGA-SWEET 5 hp      

2000 ppd or less capacity, consult for higher cpacites

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Mega SWEET Options:

  • Hoists, Winches, and Cranes
  • Guide Rails and Brackets
  • Nema 4x Control Panels
  • Pump Motor Protection
  • Electric Surge Arrester

Contact Global Treat, Inc to discuss your application for chemical feed induction!


Phone: 1800-370-4410                                                    www.globaltreat.com

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