Why use an “acid trough” to feed acid in cooling tower water basins?

SIMPLE ANSWER: It is effective, simple and contains no moving parts.

Problems with Sulfuric Acid in Cooling Towers

Sulfuric acid is often added to cooling tower water basins to maintain standard pH levels. Acid often distributes poorly in these settings because it is more dense than water. Concentrations of acid at the bottom of basins produce extremely low pH levels, causing long-term damage to the basin and associated equipment. This problem can be avoided by properly diluting acid before adding it to bodies of water.

Acid Dilution Troughs

Global Treat, Inc. offers a solution to protect your investment. Our non-corrosive, gravity flow Acid Dilution System is designed to dilute the acid before it enters the water basin. The trough mixes re-circulated and makeup water to dilute the acid. The water-acid solution then travels by gravity across a series of PVC/CPVC/PVDF baffles before entering the basin. Once in the basin, the diluted solution evenly disperses.


Benefits of Diluting Acid:

  • Drastically reduces chemical damage to cooling tower basin
  • Reduced cooling tower downtime because of avoided future repairs
  • Simple design improves reliability
  • Effective pH level control
  • Lowers chemical costs by controlling chemical feed rate
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