When does it make sense to use a vaporizer?

In high capacity chemical feed applications, when does it make sense to use a vaporizer as opposed to the typical direct gas withdrawal system?

A vaporizer should be considered if the following conditions make a direct gas withdrawal system impractical.

  • Large withdrawal rate > (3000 PPD; 60 kg/hr.)
    • Gas withdrawal of 500 PPD (10kg/hr) per ton container
    • Liquid withdrawal of 10,000 PPD (200 kg/hr) per ton container
  • Gas withdrawal requires too many online containers

Global Treat, Inc. offers the electronically heated Hydro Instruments Series VPH-10000 Vaporizers that are used to convert liquid chlorine, sulfur dioxide, or ammonia into a superheated gaseous state.

The process:

  1. The vaporizers inner pressure chamber is immersed in a hot water bath that is heated by either an internally or externally mounted heater (depending on the model)
  2. Incoming liquid chemical flows into the bottom of this pressure chamber through an internal tube
  3. Through contact with the hot walls of the pressure chamber, heat is transferred causing vaporization of the liquid into a gas
  4. Further heating of the gas prior to exiting the chamber is enhanced by “superheat baffles” on the outside of the drop tube.
  5. The liquid level is adjusted based on the chemical demand (as the feed rate increases the liquid level will rise).
  6. Gas temperature and pressure are electronically measured while software instantaneously calculates the superheat.

The Series VPH-10000 Vaporizers are the highest quality, most advanced and efficient vaporizers on the market.  With two different options to choose from, the Hydro Instruments vaporizers are available for Chlorine (10,000 PPD), Sulfur Dioxide (8,000 PPD), or Ammonia (2,500 PPD) gases.

Model VPH-10000-1Model VPH-10000-1

*Utilizes re-circulation pump for improved heat transfer efficiency

*18kW Heater with recirculating pump for maximum heat transfer

*Download Full Model 10000-1 Brochure



Model VPH-10000-2Model VPH-10000-2

*Does not require a water recirculating pump.

*18kW Heater Directly mounted in the water tank

*Download Full Model 10000-2 Brochure



Conforms to ASME code and Chlorine Institute recommendations


For more information on Vaporizers, please visit our website at www.globaltreat.com or give us a call at 800-370-4410!

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