What is the most user friendly and simplest Dechlorination System available for Water Main Flushing applications?

Solution: Tri-Max Feeder

The Tri-Max tablet feeder is the preferred system for your water main dechlorination flushing applications. One of the purposes of this system is for using high strength dechlorination tablets, such as Bio-Max tablets, to neutralize high levels of chlorine to make the water environmentally safe to discharge.

The purpose for the dechlorination process is to remove all excess chlorine from the flow before it is discharged.  Large amounts of chlorine left in the water can be toxic to fish and other aquatic life, caution should be practiced when flushing any highly chlorinated water.  We recommend checking with your local Health Department, as procedures vary from county to county.

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Highlighted Features and Benefits:

  • Tri-Max tablet feeder is the ideal dechlorination tablet flushing system when dealing with new distribution lines and/or emergency water main repairs
  • Tri-Max tablet feeder is known for its complete dry chemical dosing system for water, wastewater and process water treatment
  • Operators are pleased with how easily the Tri-Max unit can be transported from site to site and that if needed it can be permanently installed using the mounting holes in the stainless steel flow deck
  • Tri-Max tablet feeder treats up to 400,000 GPD and can effectively reduce 50 PPM chlorine to non-detectable levels *remove rest of sentence, it pertains to adding chlorine when this section is only about dechlorination*

Dechlorination Tablets
The Bio-Max Dechlorination tablets contain 92% Sodium Sulfite and are best utilized in high flow applications and will remove a large amount of chlorine in a short period of time.  Examples of this would be flushing fire hydrants or for new or repaired water mains.

De-Chlor chemicals that are required to neutralize various residual chlorine concentrations in 100,000 gal of water

Residual Chlorine          Sulfur                   Sodium                 Sodium                   Sodium                     Ascorbic
Concentration                Dioxide                Bisulfite                  Sulfite                  Thiosulfate                   Acid
(mg/L)                         (lb)                        (lb)                           (lb)                           (lb)                             (lb)

1                          0.8                  1.2                     1.4                    1.2                       2.1
2                          1.7                   2.5                    2.9                    2.4                       4.2
10                         8.3                  12.5                  14.6                 12.0                     20.9
50                        41.7                 62.6                  73.0                 60.0                     104

**The above table is for information only and is not part of ANSI/AWWA C651**


  • Temporary or Permanent Use
  • Fire Hydrant Flushing
  • Swimming Pool Back Flushing
  • Wastewater and Potable Water Discharge
  • Hydrostatic Line Testing
  • Dead End Line Testing
  • Storm Water
  • Municipal Reservoirs
  • Cooling Tower
  • Flows up to 400,000 GPD

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