What is necessary to automate my chlorine gas feed system?

The answer to the question is the Hydro Instruments “Omni-Valve 110

Omni – Latin for all, every

And that’s exactly what you get with the latest in technology from Hydro Instruments Automatic Vacuum Chemical Feed Valve.

The Omni-Valve has the latest automated valve design technology, while keeping operator interface truly operator friendly. The display panel is a simple menu driven controller designed to allow the operator to navigate easily thru the automated valve. This allows for simple installation and conversion from manual to automated vacuum chemical (gas or liquid) feed systems. Offering seven different control modes and a variety of feed capacities, the Hydro Instruments Omni-Valve is an “All-in-one” automatic control valve.


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The OV-110 Bragging Rights

  • compact design integrated valve and controller
  • microprocessor – based positioning feedback – no potentiometers
  • drive shaft only comes in contact with the teflon shaft seals and valve seat providing minimal friction/wear
  • “Self-Check” software verifies valve position automatically at operator selected frequency
  • long 3″ v-notch valve stem with multiple sizes for each capacity range provides optimal resolution
  • designed for automated vacuum feed of various gasses and liquid chemicals
  • several control modes:
    -automatic Flow Proportional
    -automatic Set-Point Residual (or ORP)
    -automatic Compound Loop (PID)
    -automatic Step Feed (four step feed inputs max)
    -automatic Dual Input Feed Forward (dechlorination or chloramination)
  • remote positioning control of valve via a third analog input when valve is in manual mode or to remotely adjust the dosage or set-point (depending on automatic control mode selected).
  • user adjustable alarms: loss of signal input, low flow, low residual and high residual
  • ten point valve linearization for precise calibration
  • for liquid feed applications the software includes an adjustable “purge” feature for periodically flushing debris and bubbles
  • additional features for compound loop control modes available (contact GTI)
  • Omni-Valve 110 Specifications


          Panel Mounted Omni Valve with Remote Meter Panel Bypass


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