What is a safe solution to control marine biofouling in sea water systems?

Answer: Electrochlorination, which is the process of producing a non-hazardous chlorine equivalent.


This is a process of electrolysis of brine/seawater solution which forms a sodium hypochlorite solution. With this solution, biofouling is minimized and controlled by limiting macro and micro-marine organisms that attach themselves to wetted surfaces they come in contact with. If not controlled, biofouling will enhance corrosion and diminish heat transfer thus increasing piping losses via flow restriction and turbulence.


Manufactured solely from existing site utilities and proven over decades as the optimum, cost effective biofouling control solution, electrochlorination of seawater avoids the logistics, hazards and high lifetime costs associated with alternative control solutions.

Internationally experienced engineers are dedicated to providing complete, innovative and unique electrochlorination systems. These systems are fully automated requiring little operator attention. Each system is designed to meet your unique specifications, applications to globally recognized standards. These systems are designed for variable production capacities and operational dosing demands to meet seasonal and regional water characteristics at a minimal cost.

Safety is enhanced and realized by removing any need for handling, transporting or storage of hazardous chemicals. Design efficiencies maintained will minimize corrosion and down time thru biofouling control.

Flow Diagram

Electrochlorination Applications

  • Offshore
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • LNG Facilities
  • Industrial Cooling Water Intakes
  • Offshore Marine


  • Both concentric tube and parallel plate technology
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Non-hazardous and hazardous area installations
  • Custom controls
  • Containerized and skid mounted options


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