What are the different types of Chlorine Gas Automatic Switchover Systems?

Let’s begin by explaining how an Automatic Switchover System works.

An Automatic Switchover System allows for a Chlorine Gas Feed Systems to automatically switch from an empty chlorine gas cylinder to a full secondary cylinder. This allows the Chlorine Gas Feed system to continuously run as you replace the the primary chlorine gas cylinder. Allowing these systems to run continuously will save you time and money.

Global Treat, Inc. offers two types of Automatic Switchover Systems.

External Automatic Switchover Systems

Switchover Module [SOH-100-CL2] copy [640x480]

The first is an external Automatic Switchover System where the actual switchover module, or device, is a separate component attached to the Chlorine Gas Feed System. This switchover module begins to pull gas from the secondary chlorine gas cylinder when the primary cylinder is empty.

The external Automatic Switchover Systems are used on our Series 300, 500, and 800 vacuum regulators.

800System Specifications:

Internal Automatic Switchover Systems

The second type, is an internal Automatic Switchover System. The switchover device in this option is an internal component of each vacuum regulator.  A tubing tee provides access to the secondary cylinder and vacuum regulator, where the chlorine gas will be drawn from.

The vacuum regulators that have an internal Automatic Switchover System are used on the Series 900 Vacuum Regulator.

Series 900 Vacuum Regulator [SVR-100-CL2] copy [640x480]



System Specifications:

Global Treat, Inc. has an inventory of both the external and internal Automatic Switchover Systems in our warehouse, ready to be shipped to our customers and distributors.

Our Vacuum Regulators and Automatic Switchover Systems have been manufactured with the highest quality materials. The rugged design and use of high quality parts maximizes safety and longevity.

It’s important to be mindful of low-end chlorinators that use inferior materials for their bolts and springs, as these are often not suitable for chlorine gas, or for long-term use. These low-end chlorinators tend to sacrifice quality in exchange for lower production costs, which compromises both safety and product quality. Our chlorinators use only titanium springs, and either monel or non-corrosive PVC bolts. These high quality materials help to provide safe and long lasting products.

Which system is better?

It is a matter of personal preference.

Why some favor the External Switchover System – The vacuum regulators come with glass rotameters for visual indication of which regulator is feeding, in addition to providing feed rate.

Why some favor Internal Switchover Systems – They have no separate switchover module, which means there is one less component to maintain. Glass rotameters do not come standard on vacuum regulators, optional only.

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