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Wastewater Aeration

Global Treat Inc. Provided a Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant with an Air Induction System that resulted in a Cost-effective Solution to Maintaining the Required Level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

Fredericksburg, TX

Case Study Video –

The Problem:

In September, 2016, the City of Fredericksburg Wastewater Treatment plant experienced a failure with their existing air induction system. Following the equipment failure, Mr. Lyle Durst, Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager, contacted Global Treat, Inc. to request an evaluation of their application.

Mr. Durst’ primary objective was to replace the city’s existing air induction system with a reliable and competitively priced system that would consistently meet the minimum required dissolved oxygen (DO) limits as set by the TCEQ.

The Solution:

Global Treat, Inc. proposed the 5Hp MEGA SWEET Chemical/Air induction system and it was offered on a 30 day trial.  At the conclusion of the trial period, the plant operator was contacted for a review of the system. Mr. Durst said that the MEGA SWEET air induction system was meeting (and exceeding), the city’s DO minimum requirement of 6.0 mg/L. The City of Fredericksburg made the decision to procure the MEGA SWEET Air Induction system as a replacement for their faulty system.  In addition, they elected to add the optional distribution manifold that was recommended to lower the turbulence at discharge.

The Results:

All of the City of Fredericksburg requirements were met with the MEGA-SWEET Chemical/Air Induction System, as outlined below.

  • By switching from the induction system that was previously in operation to the MEGA SWEET Chemical / Air Induction system, the city experienced a significant cost savings.
  • The DO levels continued to easily meet the TCEQ requirement of 6.0 mg/L (see chart below).
  • Although the MEGA SWEET was less expensive than the system that was previously in operation, the DO readings were comparable to the readings from the prior year.
  • The turbulence at discharge was greatly reduced after the optional distribution manifold was added on November 21, 2016 (see video below).

DO Level Chart:

-The standard MEGA-Sweet 5Hp Air Induction system was installed the week of October 3, 2016. The distribution manifold was added on November 21, 2016.

-Note:  The DO baseline requirement range is 2-6mg/L, and varies based upon the discharge location and permitted flow.

Optional Distribution Manifold

Before & After

Below is a link to a video of the final discharge chamber at The City of Fredericksburg Wastewater Reclamation Plant.  The video shows the Mega Sweet Air induction system both before and after the distribution manifold was added.

As evidenced in the video, the turbulence was reduced significantly following the installation of the distribution manifold.  Consequently, the DO measurements continued to meet and exceed the required levels, all while The City of Fredericksburg benefitted from a significant capital cost savings by switching from their previous system to the Global Treat, Inc. MEGA SWEET Air Induction System with optional distribution manifold.

City of Fredericksburg, Before & After Distribution Manifold

Download printable Case Study here

Case Study, Air Induction System 5-8-17

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