Random Number Generators work GREAT for picking LOTTO numbers, but not for Chemical Flow & Control!

Real time gas flow measurement COMBINED with automatic chemical gas feed control!
Hydro Instruments created a wall panel package that combines gas flow measurement and automatic flow control. The remote meter panel provides gas flow measurement and outputs a 4-20mA signal proportional to its scale. The Omni-Valve automatic control valve provides automatic feed control and when paired with this specially designed remote meter, can compare the inferred flow rate of the Omni-Valve’s valve position to the actual gas flow rate of the remote meter. This information can be used to trigger alarms when the requested gas flow does not match actual gas flow.


This added capability to the Omni-Valve, along with the remote meter panel w/ 4-20mA output provides an invaluable tool for monitoring and operating automatic chemical feed systems (at a lower cost) and offers an economical alternative to thermal mass flowmeters and differential pressure flowmeters.

  • The Process:
    • The remote meter panel measures the flow rate and sends out a 4-20mA signal to the Omni-Valve (automatic control valve)
    • The Omni-Valve controls the gas feed and accepts the 4-20mA from the remote meter panel
    • The Omni-Valve software reads and compares the flow rate from the remote meter panel (4-20ma output) and the inferred feed rate from the valve position of the automatic valve.
    • If the difference between these is greater than the allowed amount (pre-set at the factory, but can be adjusted in the field from 10-100%) an alarm relay will be activated.

Possible reasons for a difference between the flow rate from the remote meter panel and the inferred feed rate from the automatic valve include: vacuum production issues, exhausted chemical supply, blockages in chemical lines or equipment, etc.


  • More Affordable
  • More Reliable
  • No calibrations needed for the remote meter
  • Accurate and Repeatable
  • Less Intrusive
  • Small footprint for easy retrofit in place of existing chem-feed cabinets
  • Easy access for operations and service
  • Non-corrosive poly panel board for easy access to components.
  • Significant cost savings since fiberglass cabinet can be eliminated
  • Integrative comparative analysis software


Contact Global Treat, Inc. for more info!

Download Wall Panel Auto Valve with 4-20mA Output Brochure



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