Vacuum Dosing vs. Pressurized Disinfection Delivery Systems

The Delivery System:

In the last several years, Vacuum Chemical Dosing has captured interest over the conventional Pressure Feed Metering Pumps (diaphragm and peristaltic).

Pressure Feed Metering Pumps

These are some of the disadvantages to pressure feed metering pumps:

  • Pumping a liquid requires that the lines in the system be pressurized, so pumping chemicals under pressure can be dangerous to personnel ( in event of a line break).
  • Diaphragm pumps are prone to off gassing when pumping 12.5% sodium hypo, which will form a vapor lock, and jam the operating mechanism in the pump.
  • Suction chemical piping should be kept as short as possible in order to guard against gasification.
  • All dosing pumps, must be continuously checked for crystallization within the wetted parts. These  parts can split and cause contamination of the area and danger to personnel.

*Pumps are the least expensive method of feeding chemicals in the lower feed ranges however the cost considerations of personnel safety, reliability , maintenance, cleanup, repair and possible spill alleviation should be taken into consideration. As the chemical rate increases the cost impact will favor the vacuum chemical dosing system.

       Vacuum Dosing

The Vacuum Dosing Series LF Liquid Chemical Feeders is a family of fully vacuum operated, chemical solution feed systems, consisting of the following components: a Metering Assembly, Venturi Nozzel and Back flow Prevention Device.


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These are some of the advantages of Vacuum Dosing systems:

  • Minimal Maintenance-few moving parts
  • Accurate, reliable feed
  • Safe operation-Vacuum Feed
  • High stability flows, no pump pulsing
  • Good for up to 15% sodium hypochlorite and 20% sodium bisulphate solutions
  • Simple design and easy installation
  • Capable of handling chemical liquid flows from .5 gph -10 gpm
  • Visual indication of chemical feed rate


  • Sodium Hypo Feed
  • Chlorine Generated Sodium Hypo Systems
  • Dechlorination Sodium Bisulfite
  • Chlorine Dioxide Chemicals
  • Flourine Feed
  • Ammonia Feed

Contact Global Treat Representative to discuss both pressure and vacuum feed chemical delivery systems.


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