Simple Inexpensive Tablet Feeders for Chlorination and Dechlorination

Do you have a need to chemically chlorinate or dechlorinate discharged water or wastewater?

Global Treat has a full line of Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders that allows gravity to feed your effluent water through a chlorine or dechlor tablet chamber, chemically treating your discharged water.

Global Treat’s Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders are simply designed, virtually maintenance free, and are impressively effective at treating discharged water and wastewater. The product has the ability to operate independently of electrical power which dramatically increases the amount of projects it can be used on. The product only relies on gravity to draw the effluent water through its chlorine tablet chambers. To top it off, the product’s simple design ensures for a friendly user experience, while providing a consistent, controlled and highly reliable chemical dose.

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Tablet Feeders for Wastewater

On of the most common applications for these Tablet Feeders, is chlorinating or de-chlorinating the water discharged in industrial settings. These settings include water leaving wastewater plants, storm water treatment, small onsite commercial applications, or even remote potable water systems.

Global Treat understands that every treatment facility or project is unique in the amount of water it processes. To accommodate your unique needs, Global Treat offers a variety of models that vary in the amount of water that can be treated each day. Our entry-level model chemically doses 500 GPD and our largest Tablet Feeder can treat up to 400,000 GPD.

Tablet Feeders for Dechlorination 

A second common application is de-chlorinating backwashed water from commercial and residential swimming pools. Most cities and states have started regulating the dechlorination of this water. Federal requirements from section 301 of The Clean Water Act mandates that all cities with a population of 100,000 or greater have a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) that requires each city to create and enforce an ordinance that bans certain pollutant discharges to the storm sewer.

Chlorine levels existing in the backwashed water can be toxic to the aquatic environment in local water bodies. Our Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders can be used to dechlorinate backwashed swimming pool water before it enters local sewer systems.

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Check with your city’s codes to see what regulations exist. Here are a few cities that have online resources detailing their regulations for.

There are also a few states who have literature online.

Other unique places that we have seen these feeders used at include campgrounds, highway rest stops, offshore platforms, and trailer parks.

All of our Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders can be conveniently purchased through our online store.

If you any questions at all about our Gravity Flow Tablet Feeders call us at 1-800-370-4410.

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