Is it possible to purchase a Chlorine Dioxide Generator System without being tied down to a long term contract for equipment and chemicals?

Yes! And this is the reason for the development of DioxiGen Systems!

The genesis of DioxiGen Systems resulted from a client lunch meeting with the East Rio Hondo Water Service Corporation general manager Brian Macmanus. Brian expressed his frustration with the performance and cost of the chlorine dioxide system currently in service at both the Martha Simpson Wastewater Treatment Plant and Nelson Road Wastewater Treatment Plant. Brian’s main issues were high water treatment chemical costs associated with the lease contracts and the difficulty in operating the automated system without frequent equipment problems and failures.

The conversation resulted in a request for a proposal to design and produce a Clo2 chlorine dioxide water treatment system that was simple to operate, easy to integrate, non-pH dependent and could be operated manually in the event of component failure.


DioxiGen Systems solution:

  • A Chlorine Dioxide Generator System with a PLC control panel to interface with the current plant SCADA system, integrate signals to/from automatic feed valves, provide control of feed water and chemical precursor supply valves and monitor/totalize sodium chlorite solution.
  • An operator friendly system utilizing simple flow, proportionate automatic chemical feed valves with integrated control.  Made in the USA, we provide top shelf quality and “on the shelf” convenience.
  • Reliability of continuous operation, with means for bypassing electronic components, by utilization of mechanical rotameters for manual operation in the event of component failure or preventative maintenance.

The results:

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • A more efficient and reliable operation
  • Chemical Dose reduction of 25%
  • Chemical price reduction of 33%
  • Happy customer


Global Treat, Inc. was awarded the opportunity to market nationally and internationally DioxiGen Systems Chlorine Dioxide Generators.  Global Treat, Inc. has been a long time provider of safe vacuum feed, two precursor chemical (Chlorine Gas and Sodium Chlorite) chlorine dioxide generation systems for several original equipment manufacturers.  OEM’s utilize our products and services because they are reliable, competitive and shipped out of stock.

Although these custom DioxiGen Systems CLO2 systems cannot be shipped out of stock, our prompt, reliable deliveries are yet another factor why clients select Global Treat, Inc. products  for their water disinfection applications. The DioxiGen System panel mounted systems are operator friendly and designed and built on:  Safety, Quality and Reliability. Lastly these systems are available for purchase without being tied down to a long term chemical and/or equipment contract.  So if you are in the market to replace your current CLO2 generator with a more reliable model, or perhaps considering a new application, you’ll want to contact Global Treat, Inc. to find out how we can help you.  For distribution opportunities contact David Vandergriff by phone at 281-370-3425 or email at  .

Please visit our website below for additional helpful information on the DioxiGen Systems as well as a downloadable Chlorine Dioxide dosage/chemical cost calculator and Chlorine Dioxide precursor sizing calculator.

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