How can I enhance the safety of my chlorine gas feed systems at our Water and Wastewater Plant?

Pressurized chlorine gas leaks can be minimized with consideration and incorporation of one or both of the following system designs.

  1. The first option to consider is to directly mount the vacuum regulators to your chlorine or SO2 containers. If you have multiple containers  then you would need to mount  a vacuum regulator to each container. By using a chlorine vacuum manifold in lieu of a pressurized manifold you limit your exposure to liability. The regulators require a vacuum to open the inlet valve to feed gas. No vacuum, no gas.

    Contact Global Treat, Inc. for help in assembling your vacuum manifold feed system.

    Vacuum Manifold with 150 Pound Cylinders

  2. Another option to consider for enhancing the safety of your equipment is a chlorine container shut off valve system.  These Chlorine Emergency Shut Off Valves can be provided so one can open or close the actuators locally and/or remotely. They come standard with a manual override panic button on the control panel. This allows you to shut the valves in event of a gas detection failure. Global Treat, Inc. has a variety of these actuators complete with an optional chlorine gas detector to meet your system requirements.

To protect plant personnel, the public and minimize costly equipment damages, please contact Global Treat, Inc. for a safer chlorine feed system.

Shut Off Valve Actuators For Ton Containers

Shut Off Valve with Vacuum Regulator Remote             Shut Off Valve(s) with Vacuum      Regulator(s) on Container       .


Note: Global Treat, Inc. also offers shut off valve closures for 150 pound cylinders.

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