Chlorine Pressure Reducing Valve

Today we are highlighting our chlorine pressure reducing valve, the PRV-71H! Helping minimize chlorine gas from re-liquifying by controlling your downstream pressure issues!

The PRV-71H is a normally open, self actuating pressure reducing valve. Its purpose is to reduce and control downstream pressure. The valve will close if downstream pressure exceeds the set pressure.

The PRV-71H

  • prevents liquefaction and downstream pressure fluctuations. It also protects your other equipment from high pressures
  • allows for a quick adjustment of a compression spring to set a fixed outlet pressure
  • has an upper valve body that is provided with a vent connection. In the event that the diaphragm fails, the pressurized gas can be directed to an appropriate location.

Check it out the PRV-71H on our online store! Or download the brochure on Global Treat’s website!

For more information on our PRV-71H give us a call at 800-370-4410! Someone here at Global Treat looks forward to talking with you!

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