Acid Eddy Chemical Dilution Trough

acid eddy chemical dilutionAn “Eddy”, in fluid dynamics, is defined as situation where a current of water is moving in a direction that is different from that of the main current.

Global Treat, Inc. uses this hydraulic event (eddy) for mixing and diluting acids in process water used in cooling towers via the “Acid Eddy Chemical Dilution Trough.”

So, the question is:  Is it possible to reduce corrosion and extend the life of cooling tower basins with the use of a chemical dilution trough?

And the answer is – Yes!  The Acid Eddy was designed to extend the life of cooling tower basins and improve the chemical dilution in cooling water systems.  Whether for open-recirculating (in cooling towers), closed-loop, or once-thru systems – proper chemical dilution means lower overall costs and fewer repairs and downtime in cooling towers.

Without the proper dilution of chemicals normally associated with cooling water systems, operators can experience a host of problems that can often be alleviated.

Some examples of problems that often occur are as follows:

*Damage to concrete basins and structural supports

*Frequent unexpected shutdowns for cleaning and repairs

*Increased maintenance and repair costs

Because chemicals are nearly twice as heavy as water, they would normally settle to the bottom of the cooling tower.  Over time, these aggressive chemicals will attack the concrete basin along the structural supports, which will cause premature erosion.

Fortunately, Global Treat, Inc. offers a solution to protect expensive assets.

The “Acid Eddy” chemical dilution trough was designed to dilute chemicals with water prior to entering the cooling tower basins.  The innovative, pre-engineered design of the trough features no moving parts, which, in turn will reduce the “total cost of ownership.”

The “Acid Eddy” dilution trough is raised on the inlet, creating a main current of water and acid to flow downhill.  As the acid/water solution flows over a series of specially designed baffles, the barriers impede the main current flow, which creates multiple “eddies”.  These “eddies” then dilute the acid before it enters the cooling tower basin.  Once in the cooling tower, the diluted solution rapidly disperses throughout the basin.

Global Treat’s chemical dilution trough is available in two different sizes to accommodate acid flow rates of up to 500 gpd.  It is also available in both PVC and CPVC material, depending on the chemical application.

Because chemical overdoses can be damaging to cooling tower systems, Global Treat offers optional water and acid feed verification monitors to aide in accurately measuring and controlling chemical feed systems.

To view more Acid Eddy videos click on the links below.

Demonstration Video


For more information on Global Treat Inc.’s new “Acid Eddy” Chemical Dilution Trough, please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-370-4410.

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