80,000 GPD Domestic Sewage Wastewater Plant

We are finishing up a domestic sewage wastewater plant for an industrial manufacturer in Lolita, Texas! This package uses an activated sludge treatment process, which is the most common form of secondary wastewater treatment. We started this project in December of 2011 and are excited to see it in its final stages. Inteplast Group was looking to replace its 60,000 GPD wastewater plant with an 80,000 GPD package.


Inteplast is the largest manufacturer of integrated plastics in North America. Global Treat customized a wastewater package for their 575-acre manufacturing facility.

Repair Picture 018

Tertiary disk type filter with feed and backwash pumps is used to meet the stringent effluent discharge requirements of chemical industry standards. The disk filter systems use less horsepower. Tertiary disk type filters allow for removal of individual disks while the system is still operating, this makes O & M easy and efficient. The disk cloth filter is used for tertiary filtration, water re-use, process streams, and for surface water treatment.

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Some features included for this project: mechanical clarifier, aeration basin, Duplex blowers, flow equalization chambers, digester and disinfection chambers, chlorine tablet disinfection feeder, disk type filter, automatic refrigerated sampler, and stainless steel control panel.

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Global Treat, Inc. is a provider of domestic sewage wastewater packages for both residential and industrial applications.

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