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Automatic Control Valves

Hydro Instruments is a leader in vacuum chemical feed delivery systems. Their success can be attributed to the redesign of their chlorine auto-valve in 2003, when they eliminated all the gears in the drive mechanism and went to a linear stepper motor design. Additional product options incorporated into their chlorine flow pacing valve line included valve materials and software features which allowed the expansion of the autovalves into the vacuum chemical liquid feed applications.

As the market changed and the need for additional features became apparent, new options were developed by our engineers. Listed below are our different valve options.

  • For vacuum liquid feed application of Sodium Hypochlorite the Omni-Valve incorporated a purging feature for off gassing.
  • When customers requested a simpler auto valve for flow pacing and electronic manual control, Hydro introduced the CV-230 Series.
  • For low flow sodium hypo applications, Hydro Instruments developed a self-flushing automatic valve called the VRAD.

Omni Control Valve Series 110: Chlorine Automatic Feeder/Dispenser

Our Automatic Flow Pacing Chlorine Feed Valve, the "OMNI Valve", is safer, smarter, and superior to others!

The OMNI Valve comes standard with (6) six control modes at no additional cost. These include:

  • Manual Control
  • Proportional (Flow) Control
  • Set Point (Residual) Control
  • Set Point (ORP) Control
  • Compound Loop (PID) Control
  • Step Feed Rate Control

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Control Valve - Series CV-230

Our simplest Flow Pacing Valve, the "CV-230 Series" is safe, smart and a superior automatic dispenser.

Still built with the same rugged design as the OMNI Valve, the CV-230 has focused proportional control mode software, for the simplest user-friendly menu-driven design.

The CV-230 comes standard with these control modes:

  • Manual Control
  • Proportional (Flow) Control

VRAD (Vacuum-Revolving automatic Doser) Control Valve

The only automatic self flushing Vacuum Liquid Feed Valve featuring:

  • Low Flow Vacuum Liquid Feeder
  • VRAD's revolving orifice provides for constant flushing
  • Large fixed orifice
  • No vapor locking
  • Absolute control and reliability
  • Manual and automatic control

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