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Chemical Injection Accessories

Global Treat supplies the most requested chlorine gas system accessories in the industry. Operators rely on the proper tools and technology to successfully monitor treatment systems on a daily basis. Global Treat provides chlorine gas system accessories that make safety operation and maintenance efficient and effective.

Check valves serve as a secondary preventative measure to prevent water from flowing backward toward a chemical source. Water Inlet Assemblies strainers capture unwanted debris from water before reaching and fouling ejectors. The Water Inlet Assembly design makes checking inlet pressure and strainer replacement simple.

Chlorine Gas System Accessories

Global Treat even provides basic accessories such as personal safety equipment and chlorine test strips and test kits.

corporation stops

Corporation Stops

Corporation Stops (cocks) are designed for injecting chemical solutions into water mains and tanks. The valve in the Corp Stop allows the diffuser to be removed at some future date for cleaning or replacement.

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corporation stops

Main Connects / Diffusers / Injection Quills

Non-retractable Main Connects or Chemical Injection Quills will improve the injection and diffusion of corrosive chemicals into a pipeline.

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water flow accessories

Water Flow Accessories

Global Treat, Inc. provides several water inlet flow accessories to the ejector. These include valves, check valves, strainers, and assemblies of those, along with brass and plastic (normally closed) solenoid valves. GTI is the one source supply for all your water treatment needs.

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check valves

Check Valves (Gas Vacuum Line)

Our ejectors come standard with built-in check valves, however it is always good to have a secondary back up. We offer several options for you to choose from including an all-teflon inline gas vacuum check valve.

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inline flow meters

Inline Flow Meters

When you need to identify a hydraulic issue with your ejector vacuum feed system, our Inline Water Flow Meters are the perfect solution. These simple, cost effective flow meters are available from ½" to 1 ½" and from 3 to 50gpm.

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manifold accessories

Chlorine Manifolds & Gas Accessories

Gas manifolds allow you to connect several chemical gas feed containers together to extend change out of cylinders. We offer two types of pressurized gas manifolds (vertical & horizontal).

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respiratory safety

Respiratory & Safety

When dealing with hazardous gases you need to be prepared, so that’s why Global Treat, Inc. offers a full line of Respiratory and Safety Accessories.

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chlorine test kits

Chlorine Test Kits

In addition to continuous on line analyzers, Global Treat, Inc. offers a variety of hand-held chlorine test kits for total chlorine and free chlorine. These DPD reagent kits include color wheels, test strips, and digital hand-held devices.

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