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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment & Systems

Global Treat, Inc., established in 1994, is a supplier of industrial grade Water and Wastewater Treatment technologies for Municipal, Petro Chemical and Oil and Gas Production applications.Through the support of our exceptional staff, regional distributors and representatives, Global Treat, Inc. can offer a strong history of providing superior technical assistance, service and proven installation experience. Our success can be attributed to these factors along with a great customer base that provide sought-after feedback for product improvement and development.

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Featured Water Treatment Products

chlorine dioxide generators
Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide generators provide an alternative method of disinfection to storage of bulk chlorine or pressurized chlorine gas.

gas analyzers and controls
Analyzers, Controls & Instrumentation

Global Treat, Inc. continues to strive to supply the most up to date water and wastewater instrumentation technologies with the most user friendly interface. We have a broad range of instrumentation, including chlorine analyzers, gas detectors, automatic valves, and vacuum monitors. Check back with us regularly as we expand our line of analyzers and instrumentation.

water disinfection chlorinators
Gas Chlorinators

Chlorine Gas is still the most common and cost effective disinfection technology for water and wastewater treatment applications. Safety has been greatly improved by how the equipment is installed (direct mounted vs. remote mounted) and by the addition of emergency shutoff actuators.

chemical induction pump
Chemical Induction Pump

Global Treat, Inc.'s chemical induction pump system is the right choice for feeding and mixing your chlor and de-chlor chemicals into your contact chamber. It's reputation for low maintenance and proven reliability make it the ideal choice for new installations or retro fitting an existing system.

wastewater treatment solutions
Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Global Treat, Inc.'s mission is to be your problem solver and solution provider to meet regulatory requirements as the need for improved effluent quality increases. After reviewing your specifications we can provide budgetary pricing and proper treatment selection, as well as design, execution, and start up.

fluid handling turn key systems
Fluid Handling / Turn-Key Systems

Global Treat, Inc. is a system integrator providing custom turn-key chemical feed pump and fluid handling systems. These packages are built to your specifications in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida and shipped around the world.